Hall of Fame

MAMSE is proud to post the Hall of Fame for all to see.

Dr. Norma Bailey

Dr. Norma Bailey is many things: a professor, consultant, mentor, and all-around superhuman,  and it is due to her efforts that I hereby nominate Norma Bailey for the Michigan Association of Middle School Educators Hall of Fame Award.

Norma Bailey has been an active member of the middle level community for the past 42 years as a teacher, professor, consultant, and presenter advocating for middle level education. With over 160 national and state presentations, Dr. Bailey has been a key presenter at both the Michigan Association of Middle School Educators and Association for Middle Level Educators annual conferences for the past 21 years. She has mentored schools in middle level practices and has served as a consultant to numerous middle level schools across the state and country, including White Pine Middle School, Camden-Frontier Middle School, Bendle Middle School, and West Intermediate School among countless others. And, as the founder of and advisor to the Collegiate Middle Level Association at Central Michigan University for the past 18 years, Norma has ensured that her passion lives on in students who are just as committed and passionate about middle level education as she is.

Her commitment and work with both pre-service teachers and educators in the field has landed Dr. Bailey among the best of the best, her influence reaching far beyond those she’s taught. She inspires each of her students to be leaders in middle level education and to make a difference in the lives of their future students. Her passion for middle school students and the middle level concept is evident in her teaching, her service in the university and surrounding middle schools, and in her daily interactions with middle school students, educators, and pre-professionals.

Through these efforts, Dr. Bailey has changed the face of middle level education in Michigan, and her dedication to the field and to all of her students and colleagues is deserving of recognition. She is truly an exemplary model of what it means to be a middle school educator, and as such, I can think of no one more fitting than she to earn this Hall of Fame title.

Inducted: 2014