Consultant Services

Consultant Services:

MAMSE personnel are now available to work with middle schools to facilitate the school improvement process. We can help your school with Middle School Organization, Characteristics of Young Adolescents, Restructuring, Advisory, Assessment/Evaluation, Classroom Management, Curriculum, Exploration, Family/Community Interaction, Flexible Organization, Instructional Strategies, MEAP/Adequate Average Yearly Progress, North Central Accreditation, School Climate, School Improvement Plans.

Price List:

  • Four contacts during the course of the year to meet with staff and committees:
    • Members: $ 1000 + mileage
    • Non-members: $1200 + mileage
  • One time contact:
    • Members: $ 300 per visit + mileage
    • Non-members: $ 350 per visit + mileage

*Additional fees might be incurred based on location

For more information or to obtain a request form, please contact:

The MAMSE Office

1390 Eisenhower Place

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

(734) 677-5678


orĀ Vera Moore