• MAMSE 2014 Thanks

    MAMSE 2014 Thanks

    Thanks! Many thanks to all those who helped, participated and attended the MAMSE 2014 Conference. We found the Core in the Middle!

MAMSE is the premier middle school focused organization for the state of Michigan and educators around the world. We are focused on middle school kids, teachers, learners and educators. Please consider joining us today.



The primary purpose of the Michigan Association of Middle School Educators is to provide programs and information for individuals and groups dedicated to meeting the needs of young adolescents aged 10 – 14. Our focus is to improve or develop their understanding of middle level schools, and to instruct the public on what a middle level school is through discussion groups, forums, panels, lecturers and printed materials. Information concerning the middle school will be based upon learning theory, child development research and other pertinent middle level research.

Our Mission

The mission of MAMSE is to be an advocate for middle level education. MAMSE is committed to promoting Middle School beliefs and providing resources for educators, parents and communities to meet the unique needs of the young adolescent


Who is eligible to join MAMSE?


Everyone interested in middle level students between the ages of 10 and 14 is invited to join the Michigan Association of Middle School Educators. Parents, scout leaders, administrators, social workers, teachers, coaches, health care workers and members of the clergy are all among the group of significant others who contribute to the young adolescent’s development. If you are one of these special people interested in the middle school age child, you will find membership in MAMSE an exciting opportunity for furthering your professional development. For more information click here


MAMSE By-Laws Vote during the Month of August

MAMSE will be holding a vote on the revision to the by-laws.  Both the By-Laws and Board Policy documents are posted here, but only the changes to the By-Laws are being voted on.  You will be receiving an email with a special code if you are eligible to vote.

MAMSE Board Policy and Guidelines Nov 2013-3-2-1

Revised Bylaws 2014


Contact Information

Telephone (734) 677-5678
FAX (734) 677-2407
Postal address
MAMSE 1390 Eisenhower Place Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Association Manager: Halie Black
Webmaster: Troy Patterson